NIDV Innovation Challenge

The setup of the Innovation Challenge is as follows.

Selected startups compete in the RDM warehouse in Rotterdam to present their solution to operational innovation issues raised by the Ministry of Defence. It was the intention to organise the NIDV Innovation Challenge in conjunction with the NEDS last year. Due to the postponement of the NEDS tto its current date, namely November 17th, the NIDV Innovation Challenge was also postponed. It now took place on May 18th,2022, in conjunction with the NIDV annual meeting.

This year’s operational innovation issues were provided by the Ministry of Defence, namely ‘Swarming drones’ and ‘Safe use of hydrogen in operational conditions’. Based on so-called dealmaking discussions with the jury – this time consisting of stakeholders FRONT, CZSK, EZK, RVO, TNO, SAAB and Thales – a winner was chosen for each innovation issue. In this very inspiring environment, Tective Robotics and H2 Circular Fuel ultimately came out on top. The overall organisation was in the hands of the Unknown Group from The Hague.

The prize for the winners is further guidance from an interested Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), in this case Thales for the Swarming drones challenge and Saab Nederland for the Hydrogen challenge. Knowledge institute NLR has also offered an ‘engineer for a day’ voucher and both winners will receive a place on the innovation plaza at the NEDS on 17 November 2022 in Rotterdam Ahoy.

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