JGM Thesis Award

The Jan Gmelich Meijling (JGM) Thesis Award has been presented during the NEDS since 2016. The purpose of the thesis prize is to promote current and relevant research in the interest of public safety.

Due to the postponement of the NEDS to its current date, namely November 17th of this year, the announcement of the winner of the JGM Thesis Award 2021 was also moved. This now took place on May 18th, 2022, at the RDM MINDbase in Rotterdam in conjunction with the NIDV annual meeting. With her research on ‘Gender-related perception of the norm at the KMA’, Second Lieutenant Irina Tziamali won the JGM thesis prize 2021.

The CDS also drew attention to gender equality at the opening of the academic year of the NLDA. In brief, he said that women should show more masculine behaviour and men should show more feminine characteristics. In doing so, he aims to achieve a better gender balance. Irina Tziamali’s thesis certainly contributes to this! Meanwhile, the preparations for the JGM Thesis Award 2022 are already in full swing.


Irina Tziamali, NLDA (award winner)
Lars van der Hoeven, UTwente
Laurens Jonkheijm, TU Delft

Lonneke van Bemmel, Dutch Defence Academy (Winner)
Pascal Martens, Police Academy
Koen Snel, Delft University of Technology

Iris Waterlander, Royal Military Police (Winner)
Stan Duijf, Police Academy
Ramon Duivenvoorden, Delt University of Technology

Eva Bontje, Dutch Defence Academy (Winner)
Roy Kok, Delft University of Technology
Christiaan Leibbrandt, Dutch Defence Academy.

Perry Eeuwijk, Dutch Defence Academy (Winner)
Jeroen Albers, Dutch Defence Academy
Donald Eppingbroek, Dutch Defence Academy.

Evelien Aangeenbrug, Police Academy (Winner)
Louis Elling, Dutch Defence Academy
Simon de Vries, University of Twente

NIDV Exhibition Defence and Security

November 17th 2022

Ahoy Rotterdam

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T: +31(0)70 3644807

Drs. J.Ch. (Jan) Gmelich Meijling


Jan Gmelich Meijling was a former navy man and ex-mayor who served as secretary for defence (Material policy and personal affairs) in the Kok cabinet (1994 – 1998). He spent part of his youth in the Dutch East Indies and joined the navy after high school. He served in New Guinea, among other places, and later worked as a civil servant at the ministry of defence. He was the chairman of the NIDV from 2005 to 2012. During this period, he was known as a flamboyant director who could lead in a flexible way in many aspects of life.