Innovatie Showcase

De NIDV heeft dit jaar wederom een groep bedrijven uitgenodigd om deel te namen aan de NEDS op het innovatieplein.

De deelnemende startups presenteren dit jaar een aantal ongelooflijke oplossingen, dus we raden iedereen die de NEDS bezoekt aan om even langs het innovatieplein te gaan en te kijken wat er te zien is.


20face is a Dutch scale-up and spin-off, originating from the University of Twente, specialized in privacy proof facial recognition software. It uses facial recognition algorithms developed by 20face themselves, in tight collaboration with the University of Twente.

Aristotle Cognitive Technologies

Our integrated software and hardware solutions provides your organization with the flexibility to train your end-users in situations where daily functioning is hindered by information overload.

Avalor AI

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Dutch Deco Factory

Dutch Deco Factory is a company based in Erp, Netherlands that specializes in design, creation, and finishing of decorative objects. They offer a wide range of services, including 3D printing, prop making, and finishing with special coatings. Their clients include businesses in the retail, trade fair, and theme park industries.


Dynaxion uses an ultra compact particle accelerator in combination with advanced radiation detectors and artificial intelligence to provide innovative solutions to BIG societal problems.

Flash Group

Flashgroup delivers high-quality, user-friendly XR solutions tailored for emergency services. Our products seamlessly integrate real-world equipment, multiplayer simulations, and portable plug-and-play systems, all with the goal of enhancing the efficiency and safety of emergency response.

Gecko Robotics

Gecko Robotics’ combination of hardware and software solutions help the world’s most important organizations ensure the availabilityreliability, and sustainability of their critical infrastructure.


At MantiSpectra, we believe that integrating spectroscopy at a wafer level will open up new applications where volume, robustness and ease-of-integration are key. From distributed sensors for quality measurements and material identification in process-control and agriculture to portable scanners or standalone IoT nodes.

Rotorpack Aeronautics

Rotorpack Aeronautics is leading the charge in redefining personal air travel. We are committed to delivering cutting-edge, electric jetpacks designed for the future.


Good safety training saves lives! From this point of view, we want to improve the current curriculum. By using new technologies, we can place people in real-life situations and train them to recognize the dangers.


Our team has a strong track record in law enforcement, UTM systems, aerospace, and critical communications, and we have already completed a number of prestigious projects in locations such as Antwerp, Brussels, Paris, Eindhoven, but also Antarctica, South Africa, and Malaysia. These challenging and ambitious projects have allowed us to push ourselves to develop cutting-edge technology.

Shanx Medtech

The current workflow for diagnosing UTIs is unreliable, and methods to determine the correct antibiotic treatment have a long turnaround time of over 2 days. We are simplifying this workflow by providing an accurate UTI diagnosis and subsequently indicating the optimal antibiotic prescription in a doctor’s shift based on evidence provided by our device.

In this way, we enable doctors to prescribe fast, evidence-based and personalized antibiotic care. With our intervention, we aim to reduce unnecessary antibiotic administration and subsequently combat the public global health issue of antibiotic resistance.

Team Solid

Finding solutions to these safety, storage, and infrastructure obstacles is crucial for harnessing the full potential of hydrogen in the energy transition.


uCrowds allows you to simulate crowds in your local building, infrastructure town or city. With our fast and friendly simulation solutions, you can simulate crowd behavior during daily use, planned events and emergency evacuations.


Whispp’s language independent AI technology and calling app converts whispered speech and vocal cord impaired speech into a clear and natural voice of your choice, without any delay. By providing recordings, your Whispp voice will even sound like your own healthy voice!


We at Zavhy aim to transform the construction industry towards digitization and automation using 3D concrete printing. The issues with the current construction industry, related to sustainability, environmental impact, labour productivity, health and safety of workers, and overall low productivity of the industry are the critical issues we set to address and tackle for the construction industry.