Theme Climate Change Mitigation and the Armed Forces

Innovative and sustainable cooperation and the future of Defense and Security are also the focus of the 33rd edition of the NIDV Exhibition Defence and Security (NEDS). The theme of 2021 is climate and armed forces. During the morning program, various speakers will address the opportunities and solutions that industry, knowledge institutions and government can find together. In the afternoon there will be ample opportunity for networking on the exhibition floor, including a Defence Square and an Innovation Square.


Due to climate change, conditions are becoming more extreme and are proving to have a major impact on peace and security. Examples are conflicts over raw materials, (water) scarcity, natural disasters and migration problems. It directly affects the armed forces and other public safety organizations. It also has consequences for the defence and security sector. For example, equipment must be able to cope with the different conditions.

The Ministry of Defense considers environmental pollution and climate change more and more in its policy. Defence calls this making equipment more sustainable, preparing a roadmap for the energy transition of equipment. This involves limiting energy demand, using renewable energy, using fossil fuels efficiently and taking measures that reduce the burden on the environment. The goal is to reduce dependence on fossil fuels by 70% by 2050. In that year, for example, encampments in mission areas must be 100% self-sufficient. This will not only reduce the dependence on fossil energy sources is often less stable countries but will also reduce the logistical footprint. It also reduces the logistical footprint, which means that fewer vulnerable trips are required. Where possible, solar or wind energy is used. Another important objective is sustainable procurement.

For each situation, the Ministry of Defense looks at what is feasible and affordable, for which innovation in the areas of security and sustainability must go hand in hand. Naturally, this also applies to other public safety organizations. That is why suppliers in our sector will have to focus even more on supplying sustainable products and services.

Within the framework of the European Union’s Green Deal, various instruments are available internationally and nationally, of which the Golden Ecosystem for Defence and Security can also make use. Several experts from the armed forces, police, industry and government will discuss this during the plenary session.

Finally, the winners of the NEDS Innovation Challenge and the JGM thesis prize will also be announced during the plenary session. Throughout the day you are welcome to visit the exhibition floor or attend some break-out sessions in the afternoon. 


NIDV Exhibition Defence and Security

November 29 - 30th 2023

Ahoy Rotterdam


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