The Netherlands on the Radar

In these times of geopolitical tensions, the challenges to our national security are great. The world is in turmoil and analysts’ predictions are not favourable. Although we live in a globalised world, territorially embedded factors remain relevant, including in the domain of defence and security. This is why the theme “Netherlands on the radar” has been chosen for NEDS2022. Knowledge institutions and industry are indispensable in this respect. After all, without industry, there is no security. And security is an important, if not the most important prerequisite for society. 

The Netherlands is known for its Golden Triangle for Defence and Security. Government, knowledge institutions, and industry work closely together to keep the Netherlands safe and to be able to contribute to creating the highest possible level of security in a European and NATO context. One of the successes in the Golden Triangle is ‘Netherlands on the Radar’. This is about stimulating and perpetuating knowledge, innovation and developments in the radar field. The Netherlands has a leading position in the world with this advanced radar technology. The main sponsor for NEDS 2022 Thales NL has been working together with TNO, TU Delft and the Ministry of Defence in this field for 20 years. The entire Golden Ecosystem is reaping the benefits of this.  

During NEDS2022, over 150 exhibitors will present their products and services to representatives of our national decision-makers. International interest from potential clients as well as industry players is high. This includes countries such as South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore, the United States and Greece, with which international industry programmes are running with the support of the Dutch government. 

The Government believes that in a European context, the Netherlands should be more self-sufficient in the production of military products, partly to improve the European strategic autonomy desired by the Member States, thereby also strengthening the transatlantic link. Therefore, during NEDS2022, there will be extensive focus on European cooperation. A matchmaking meeting will also take place in Ahoy on the Wednesday preceding NEDS2022, where government and industry parties can meet.

The NIDV contributes pre-eminently to enabling companies and knowledge institutions to gain better access to and greater understanding of Defence and the other public security organisations. On Tuesday 15 November, exhibitors and international delegations are invited to take a look at one of the four Operational Commands of the Dutch armed forces. 

It is a privilege to announce that State Secretary for Defence Christophe van der Maat will open the plenary part of NEDS2022. He will discuss how the Dutch government is dealing with geopolitical tensions and what role he sees for the Dutch Golden Triangle. Next, Professor of International Politics (Free University of Brussels) Jonathan Holslag, will hold a brief lecture. 

Both speakers set the stage for a panel discussion, consisting of Professor of International Politics (Free University of Brussels) Jonathan Holslag, Thales Netherlands CEO Gerben Edelijn and Deputy Commander of the Armed Forces, Vice Admiral Boudewijn Boots. The presentation of the Jan Gmelich Meijling thesis award will conclude the plenary session. The number of entries in 2022 of this prestigious award is the highest since its establishment. Acting as moderator that morning will be Esmeralda Kleinreesink.  

Breakout sessions in the afternoon for interested parties will provide a useful break from the exhibition. We wish you every success, including in the many networking opportunities the NEDS provides again this year.

NIDV Exhibition Defence and Security

17 November 2022

Ahoy Rotterdam


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