Theme “Integral Security”

The 31st edition of NEDS is dedicated to ‘integral security’. The world faces increasing security challenges. Security issues are becoming more complex and international and require an increasingly integrated approach. The Dutch approach to public safety must therefore be integrated and capable of effectively tackling the problems at home and abroad. It is therefore essential that all stakeholders, both inside and outside the government, work together on collective security, anywhere in the world.

This cooperation has already grown enormously in recent years. The sections of the armed forces, the police and the fire brigade have long since ceased to be small islands and are increasingly working together. The defence and security industry in the Netherlands, to which the knowledge institutions belong, makes an undeniable contribution to this cooperation. Dutch companies include large end producers, SMEs, start-ups and scale-ups and family businesses. This cooperation in the field of public safety is praised both inside and outside the Netherlands and is known as the Golden Triangle. The integral approach, in which the best for the Netherlands is paramount, has proven itself. If these security services and partners work together, this will benefit security.