30th Symposium & Exhibition
Thursday 15 November 2018 – Rotterdam Ahoy

Recap 2018:

The theme of 30th edition of the Symposium on 15 November was “International Collaboration” and attracted more than 100 exhibitors and around 2,000 visitors. In the morning moderator Angelien Eijsink guided the audience in a completely renewed symposium hall through an exciting programme. The welcome of Mr. Hans Hillen, chairman of the NIDV, led directly to the question of the visitor who experienced all 30 editions of the NIDV-Symposium. After congratulating Hans Dibbetz for his 30th visit, the Jan Gmelich Meilijng thesis award was presented. These are the three young nominees:

  1. Eva Bontje, Netherlands Defence Academy: “The synthetic conduct of war – Exploring the future military applications of biotechnology and its consequences for the Netherlands Armed Forces”
  1. Roy Kok, Delft University of Technology: “Haptic assistance to mitigate vertical damaging accelerations of small fast ships”
  1. Christiaan Leibbrandt, Netherlands Defence Academy and Royal Military Academy Brussels: “Probabilistic aspects of munition initiation to fragment impact”

Eva Bontje won the price of 2,500€ and all three nominees are invited for a practice day of the Royal Navy in the summer of 2019.

After the presentation of the price, the minister of Defence Ank Bijleveld-Schouten and the COO of KPN, Joost Farwerck, pitched their view on ‘International Collaboration”.

With a short summary, Angelien Eijsink closed the successful morning symposium to give everybody the opportunity to strengthen their network and experience and discover the innovations in the exhibition halls.

The next edition of the NIDV-Conference is on 28 November 2019.

You can find the photos below.