November 18 | 13:00 – 16:00 | NEDS 2020 Digital Day 1

November 19 | 13:00 – 17:30 | NEDS 2020 Digital Day 2 & Main Stage Event

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The NIDV invites you to a spectaculair event of startups, networking, break-outs, matchmaking and much more..

NEDS 2020 Digital

The yearly NEDS event has been the place for companies, knowledge institutes and government institutes to connect and expand their network. This year’s edition will be a full online event. Digital possibilities enable a higher visibility for innovations and will create new unexpected connections

Complete NEDS experience

On 18 and 19 November , the full-fledged event is held with a full program, numerous break-out sessions, round tables and finally a spectacular Main Event. During this NEDS we will also give you the full opportunity to bring your organization to the attention. Via digital stands, matchmaking, breakouts and expert panels you can get the most out of the NEDS this year.

Free access to the NEDS

This year it is possible to participate in the NEDS for free with a free Spectator ticket, which gives you access to the digital fair and the spectacular Main  Stage Event on November 19. For the full experience, you can opt for the Participant Ticket. Free participant tickets are available for government, NIDV participants, media, and partners

One-on-one sessions with potential clients

The possibility to get in one-on-one conversations with attendees of your exhibition booth results in new contacts for your organization. This leads to new partners for future business and creates new opportunities for your business.

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Main Stage Event – Resilience Talk – November 19 16:00 – 17:30

The Dutch public security organizations had to radically adjust their activities since the outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic. During operations and readiness activities, precautions are taken to prevent (further) contamination, while many of the activities continued. Education, practice, and training also stretched to meet the employability requirements. How did border control and assistance to civil authorities go? Forced distance working demanded a lot from IT; this gave cybersecurity an extra dimension. What was the impact of lending medical facilities and equipment for civilian use for the armed forces?

Led by Roderik van Grieken you will be taken to operational locations of the Royal Netherlands Navy, Royal Air Force, Royal Army, the Police, and Thales Netherlands. In interviews with the heads of these organizations, it is discussed how resilient they were and especially are during the COVID19 pandemic, and the lessons they learned.

 In the studio at the Bolidt Innovation Center, we welcome the following guests:

  • H.R.H. prince Constantijn van Oranje, ambassedor
  • Harald Kokelkoren, director ILIAS Solutions
  • Vice admiral Arie Jan de Waard, director of the Defense Materiel Organization
  • Colonel Diana Verweij, Deputy commander of the Defense Healthcare Organization
  • Drs. Jan Christiaan Dicke, Commissioner of Military Production at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate

We also look back on which startups are seen as promising during the entire NEDS2020 Digital.

 With the presentation of the Jan Gmelich Meijling thesis prize, it becomes clear which student at a technical university or academy can count on the highest score this year.

 Finally, Secretary of State for Defense Ms. Barbara Visser will answer a few questions from moderator Van Grieken.